Timothy Lefeber
Timothy Lefeber
Research Associate, Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO)

Project management

“I started at ILVO with a project on organic foods. I visited the various stakeholders, worked out strategies, and went to events and congresses at various levels. A second project is an innovative SME project to develop a new concept in pralines. In the near future I will also visit stakeholders in order to assist in the start-up of our renewed food pilot plant.”

Structured approach and multitasking

“During my PhD - research into improved cocoa bean fermentation processes - I learned the importance of a well-structured approach: first analyse the problem and the research question and then look for solutions in a structured way. I can still apply the critical attitude of a researcher to any task in my current job, because we always want to improve processes.

“Multitasking is definitely something that you learn during a PhD; you are constantly doing different tasks simultaneously: pure scientific research, giving presentations, broadening your general areas of interest and so on. In this way you learn to combine several tasks without being uncomfortable, you become much more confident. A doctorate is also enriching in terms of your personality. During my PhD I spent eight months in Africa and Asia, including on cocoa plantations. I learned to adapt to changing circumstances, customs and cultures, and I have obtained more insight into myself.”