Hasret Ates
Hasret Ates
Validation Officer, Takeda Christiaens

"My job includes developing new drugs, and adjusting the formulation of existing drugs to meet changing regulations. I am also involved in the development and validation of analytical methods.”

Laboratory experience

“During my PhD, I worked in the laboratory a lot. This experience, as well as the analytical chemistry skills I acquired, can be directly applied to my current job. I also developed the ability to take a critical look at my work, operate in an international context and manage on my own. My doctoral school gave me the opportunity to attend courses in the Advanced Masters Programme in Industrial Pharmacy. Needless to say, that is a huge asset if you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Coping positively with criticism

“Working independently during my PhD has enabled me to learn how to deal with, and respond positively, to criticism. Flexibility, perseverance, presenting to an audience, working in an international context ..., these skills and qualities are well covered. You have the opportunity to develop and strengthen these skills during your PhD studies.”

Establishing contacts with companies

“I think it is very useful to establish as many non-academic contacts as possible during your doctoral research. You should start this as early as possible because time is scarce in the final year of your PhD. Attend as many conferences as possible and establish valuable contacts with companies. I did not know what jobs were available in the pharmaceutical industry, but learned that through these contacts. They are able to give you a quick and accurate insight into an entire industry.”