Seven ways a doctor can make your organisation healthier

“I can give you two reasons why you should recruit young doctors. One, they were chosen to do a doctorate because they are among the most intelligent of their generation. And intelligence is probably the best indicator of later success in business. Two, young doctors have very agile minds. In a very short time they can acquire new knowledge and apply those skills to new areas. That is the key competency for the future, and will allow employees to excel in a rapidly changing environment.”

Prof. Frederik Anseel,
Why not hire a doctor,
Jobat 14 January 2012

1. Team players and powerful individuals

Scientific research depends on teamwork. Doctors often work in multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams. They do not allow themselves to be hindered by language, cultural, or disciplinary boundaries.

2. Strategic insight combined with highly developed analytical skills

Globalisation and technological developments make our society, environment and economy increasingly complex. During their research, doctors have mastered the ability to quickly and adequately respond to developments and changes.

3. Experienced organisers with excellent project- and time-management skills

Doctoral research is based on a complex form of data collection and processing. It involves experimental research, large-scale surveys, reviewing relevant actors, and collecting and analysing texts. This requires thorough preparation, careful planning, the ability to expand a methodology and respect for deadlines. A doctor is trained to lead projects and operational processes to a successful conclusion.

4. Enterprising, pro-active go-getters

During their research, doctors constantly encounter obstacles. Original assumptions prove to be incorrect, new facts and information emerge, objectives must be adjusted ... A doctor sees problems as challenges that must be overcome, making them versatile problem-solvers.

5. Outstanding communicators

Doctoral students are expected to present their research at international conferences and events from the outset. They write and publish articles in journals. Editorial and communication skills and familiarity with deadlines are therefore part of the DNA of every doctor.

6. Creative thinkers with great improvisational skills

Innovative thinking, original ideas and perspectives, and avoiding the beaten track are indispensable qualities for the successful completion of a doctoral project. The completed dissertation is in itself proof of creative thinking.

7. Adapted to work in international environments

Research teams are increasingly composed of people of different nationalities. Presentations and meetings happen in an international environment and often in various languages. This makes doctors strong candidates for jobs in international teams or companies.